Most In-Demand Cannabis Jobs for 2021

most demanded cannabis jobs

This year has opened the eyes of a lot of people to the numerous opportunities in the cannabis industry. With the pandemic, lockdown, protests, and so on, the use of cannabis surged and sales increased. 5 new markets were also opened this year which means more opportunities in the industry. From the cultivation of cannabis to the hands of the final consumer in the form of the finished product, there are different job opportunities available in the cannabis industry.  Glassdoor reviews of cannabis companies help give you an idea of how companies are higher right now.

The upward trend of the cannabis industry isn’t slowing down anytime soon, 2021 is also expected to be a very lucrative year for the cannabis industry, and all smart individuals, investors, and entrepreneurs should be jumping on the bandwagon while the train is still at the station. Here is a list of the top 5 jobs expected to be high in demand in the year 2021. Check open cannabis jobs on our updated marijuana job board, click here.


The first step of the cannabis transit process is the production process which involves the cultivation of the plants. Cultivation is expected to be the most in-demand job in the cannabis industry come 2021. It is the start point of the industry and its effectiveness plays a huge role in determining the success of the industry. There is a need for proper knowledge of training and growing techniques to properly function in the world of cannabis cultivation. Sativa and Indica cannabis strains have peculiarities in their growing processes. This is why it is important that the right training and management is used to nurture the plants to maturity.

Cannabis cultivation sites also contain special types of equipment that need the expertise to operate and manage. Different types of cultivation facilities have a different range of equipment, processors, and extractors used for producing the finished cannabis products.


The expansion of the cannabis market invariably means that more spaces in the industry for many to take advantage of. One of such spaces is in the area of retail. The development of larger markets has ensured that more dispensaries are available. With more dispensaries, there is a need for more retailers. Different dispensaries depending on size and facilities available can have over 15 employees. One of the major criteria for employees in such a retail business is people skills as they will need to interact with a lot of people.

It is also important that they have adequate knowledge about the products. It is also an added bonus when such retailers are enthusiastic about the products. It enables the customers to be comfortable while looking for their desired product. They also have to be well informed to adequately answer different questions that the customers might have.

General Manager

This is a very lucrative position in a dispensary. General managers are tasked with the responsibility of being the team leader for the dispensary. It is an added advantage when such managers have prior experience in retail and pharmacology. The general manager is tasked with the responsibility of interfacing with external entities in an administrative capacity. The general manager also oversees the daily activities in the facility.  It is always an added advantage if the manager has experience in management and administration.

The general manager has to be capable to serve as a leader concerning all things in the dispensary. He also has to be able to ensure that the books are balanced. He must also be able to interact with the workers in the facility to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. The manager serves as the face of the brand in the facility. This is why he must be able to ensure he represents the brand properly. The importance of the general manager cannot be overemphasized as he can make or mar the business. 


This is a special type of job that is very particular to the cannabis industry. Cannabis concentrates are very important in the industry as some cannabis users prefer it to the use of normal flowers. The job requires a great deal of expertise which means the extractor has to be very knowledgeable. To make cannabis concentrates, cannabis products have to go through different types of processes. The quality of the end product depends on how skilled the extractor is. When the extraction process is completed, it can then be easily made available for the final consumer.

The extraction process is a very delicate process that requires care to avoid explosions in the lab. An extractor must have a basic foundation in chemistry or chemical engineering. An extractor can make up to a whopping sum of $180,000/year. Beyond the earnings, there is a great deal of respect offered to the extractors in the industry due to their unique expertise.

Delivery driver

The year 2020 really showed the need for delivery services in the cannabis industry. During the lockdown, despite the fact that cannabis was tagged as an essential service in some states, getting it to the customer was still hard. This is why delivery services are one of the in-demand jobs in the cannabis industry heading into 2021. They are already making serious waves in California which is seen as the epicenter of cannabis in the US.

The delivery drivers can play different types of roles while rendering their services. They can help to give house calls to those unable to physically come to the dispensary. People in this category include those that are sick with chronic diseases and need the products for medical use. They can also act as a courier for the cannabis company. This requires the employee to convey the cannabis products from the cultivation facility to the dispensary.

Bottom line

Get involved in cannabis however you can because cannabis is the future! There are different types of jobs that are available in the cannabis industry aside from the 5 stated above. Dispensaries have special technicians and agents that help to ensure the proper running of the facility. Trimmers and laboratory workers at testing sites are also growing in popularity in the industry. The more the industry increases, the more notable jobs are expected to arise in the industry.

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